About Sam

I have always been a hard working mother, and have juggled very highly-stressed roles, our home, two primary school aged children in before & after school care, running a small business from home and working a full-time role in a start-up business all at the same time!

My typical day started at 5am, getting kids fed and ready for school and into care by 7am, to be in the office by 8am, then working non stop during the work day, collecting the kids at 5.30pm, then the usual rush of homework, showers, dinner and bed by 7pm. Then I would complete bookwork for our home-business until 10pm. There was no time to spare in this crazy schedule!

I had to be extremely organised or the wheels would fall off and things would not get done. I relied heavily on my slow cooker, my delayed-start on my washing machine and dishwasher, wine and chocolate (but shhh don’t tell anyone!!)  After 6 years and the sudden death of my partner, I closed down the home-business, but continued to do 10 hour days at work.

A few years and several promotions later I became FIFO to Sydney fortnightly. I did this for 6 months and had to hire a nanny to care for the children while I was away. While she was my Godsend it was just too much time away from my children and I finally decided that I needed to stop.

Over the past 20 years my roles  as Office Manager, Customer Service Manager, Operations Manager, Digital Sales Manager, Mother and Wife have all had the same requirements; to be totally organised and routined.

I have taken a few months off, and decided that it was time to help others and thus Your Home PA was born.

This is what I am good at; so let me help you to help yourself today.